Boron technology has reconditioned and hardened some of our Fisher valves used in our cooling water system and I have found their work to be both timely and of a high quality. I am pleased to recommend them as a reputable company that stands behind their product and would not hesitate to use them again in the future.

Plant Engineer

We have used Boron Technology for repairs of some of our Fisher valve trim. The quality of work was excellent. We hope to install some of the repaired trim soon to evaluate the life span improvement.

Maintenance Planner

Boron Technology has made repairs to a number of trim sets from our Fisher and Copes Vulcan control valves. Repairs are back to manufacture specifications, wear resistant coating applications are very good. Boron provides guarantees for their work. Repair turn around time is excellent.

Production Supervisor

Boron Technology has been rebuilding our Fisher Valve Trim parts from 8″ down to 3″ and I am thoroughly satisfied with the work that they do.

Power Block Maintenance Coordinator

Labadie Energy Center utilized Boron Technology to supply two valve trim sets for our Fisher 3”–2500# type CC superheater & desuperheater spray control valves during our 2009 unit 4 mini outage. Fisher could not supply the valve trim in a week turnaround so we contacted Boron. Boron Technology was able to manufacture the upgraded material of Nitronic 50 and repair the old trim sets in one week which enabled us to reassemble the valves and meet our outage start-up date. Labadie Energy Center plans on using Boron Technology as a supplier for future orders for these and other valve parts. Boron Technology has also repaired a number of our CCI Drag trim parts. Their work is outstanding and turnaround time is never an issue.

Consulting Mechanical Engineer

Boron Technology have done repairs to my CCI Drag Valve trim sets. The whole repair and hardening process that they have done for us was really excellent quality. I installed the repaired parts in my valves 6 months ago and opened them up for inspection this outage and saw no signs of wear or any problems with the valves. I'll be in touch with Boron Technology soon. Thanks again for the great and fast service that you gave to my project.

Maintenance Specialist